Where to Find Great Jobs?

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Finding the best job is not only about having the right qualifications or experience. It is also about using the best platforms that let you access thousands of jobs in the industry of your choice, in the top companies and with remuneration packages that you want. The internet has plenty of job sites. However, the best job search engine sites and job boards can help you to know how to find great jobs. These come with useful search tools that can be used easily and quickly, and can help you to search depending on your location, the kind of jobs you want and other factors.

How Can You Find Great Jobs?

Find great jobs

The following tools happen to be the most powerful online tools for finding employment.

  1. Search Engines – These can lead you to the top job sites, social networking platforms, job boards, classified advertisement sites and more, which can help you to spot a job that matches your domain. Search engines let you enter the job type of your choice and find the vacancies you can apply for. These can help you to spot job fairs and seminar schedules close to your place, and various other useful resources like informative posts about job interview tips, career planning advice and more. These can be assistive in finding great jobs.
  2. Job sites – These websites contain online classifieds about jobs. Job sites such as Monster jobs let you find job openings as per your field, experience, needs, qualifications, salary package and more, only by typing the type of profession of your choice. You can directly upload your resume on these websites and get offers from the companies of your choice.
  3. Company websites – If you are planning to get a vacancy in the company of your choice, look at its official website. In the present era, almost every organization has its official website that offers information about its job openings. Most companies find it useful and cost effective to advertise their vacancies. You can look for available job openings and directly apply there.
  4. Social networking websites – Websites such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter are some of the most used social networking platforms for job hunting as well. You can get information about the top employers, any vacancies existing in their organization and more. It is possible to follow or become a fan of the top employers or companies and get notifications or alerts about updates in their domain of employment.

Online classified websites – Some agencies pay for classifieds to get applications from job seekers. These job classifieds are generally more attractive and attention-grabbing. For some employers and job seekers, online advertisements on classified sites can be very effective.

What are the Top Job Websites to Try?

Online job boards and job websites include all-jobs websites as well as those that concentrate on some types of jobs. These can match you easily with prospective employers and it can be useful to incorporate them into your employment search. Find out about some top job websites to try.

  1. Google for Jobs

This is a Google product and assists candidates in seeking and finding the most appropriate job listings. The employment search engine is known to compile job listings from varied sources, which include other employment search engines. Rather than making use of a particular job search website, you can just type the name of your chosen jobs into the search bar. The Google jobs website will display related listings to you. You can narrow down your search based on job type, job location, date posted, type of company and more.

  1. Monster.com

It is an ingenious job board that has been expanded to encompass various apps and resources for job hunters. Users of Monster.com can look for jobs online and apply for them, upload their own resume and seek career advice and salary details as well as review company profiles. These let you post resumes. There is a search alert service in the Monster jobs website that can send you targeted posts to your email inbox.

  1. LinkedIn.com

This social platform is also a job board that connects professionals across the globe with each other. As the largest online professional network, LinkedIn lets you conduct job searches and spot companies or employers who are offering positions in the organization. On LinkedIn, you can follow the companies or employers that catch your interest. In your profile on the website, you can add portfolio samples to display the type of expertise and work that you can offer to potential employers. If you are a strong candidate, you can do a passive jobs search and have prospective employers seek you out.

This professional networking site lets you use your extended network to find employment. You can even join groups, take part in conversations and follow all those employers that seem to be relevant and interesting to the type of jobs that you are looking for.

What to Look for in Jobs?

These days, companies are trying to avoid unnecessary wastage of money by recruiting the best employees at the very first go. This has made job hunting tougher for the average applicant. You have to plan properly to bag the best jobs for your needs. Here are some important things to seek while looking for jobs.

  • Nature of work – Look at the job description and read it again and again to know about the nature of work that is required. This involves the field of work, duration of job, the location and type of work that you need to offer etc.
  • Pay scale – Once you decide on the job type, you have to compare the salary package prevailing in the market for the same position. You need to determine whether the pay package is according to industry standards. The rates can vary based on the field of work, credentials, experience required etc. You need to evaluate your own worth as an employee. Based on that, you have to decide on an appropriate price point.
  • Experience level – Employers obviously look for candidates who are experienced in the domain, preferably those who come with references. Read the job description with care and find out whether the position is available only for beginners or for job seekers with some years of experience. Based on the number of years of experience that you have, you can apply for a position and demand a salary package that is commensurate.
  • Skill level – You will also have to analyze the skill level demanded by the company, whether for private or government jobs. It is important to evaluate your own abilities and skills to determine what your strongest and weakest skills are. It will assist you in skills improvement. It is important to be fully honest with yourself after a proper evaluation. Although it can be difficult at first, you will be able to accept your shortcomings with passing time.
  • Whether you wish to bag a job in some new domain or simply wish to update your existing skill set, an online course will be useful for you in bringing notice to your resume. This will impart new skills to you, as well as show employers that you are a motivated professional and wish to improve yourself to bag an appropriate position.
  • If it is possible, it is a good idea to recruit a career counselor to get extra assistance in job seeking. Before actually hiring one, you should look at the credibility and trustworthiness of the counselor.
  • Type of expertise – The job description will obviously throw some important pointers to the type of expertise that the organization demands from its applicants. You have to work on your resume based on this information. Ensure that your own resume shows all that you have on offer, and that your skill levels, experience and expertise are aligned with the needs of the company.
  • Your resume should convey clearly about all that you can offer to prospective employers. Other than this, you will also like to choose relevant keywords with care. The right keywords and phrases can help prospective employers to get the best potential applicants through the web.

What to Do to Get the Best Jobs?

Here are some golden tips to help you to find the best jobs.

  • Have a proper job hunting plan – You should prepare a detailed list of the industries and companies you would love to work for. It will let you concentrate your efforts on the type of job that you need. Remember that job hunting is a full-time affair. It is essential to have a particular approach so that your chances of getting the best job are maximized. Your job hunting plan should include making proper research about the position and the agency that you intend to apply for. With knowledge, research and positivity, you are likely to succeed in your efforts.
  • Update and post your resume – It is a good idea to look at resumes of other applicants for similar positions on the internet before you prepare your own. Based on what you see, you can incorporate the best elements from others’ resumes and construct your own to highlight your own skills level, expertise, experience level etc. Update your resume and make it outstanding from that of other applicants. Post the resume to various relevant job sites to show yourself to various employers. Offer only the most important information and do not make it too lengthy. Add a cover letter, which should highlight keywords related to your main skills, expertise level etc. For example, for an entry level database analyst you should add in keywords such as “analyst”, “database” and “entry level”.
  • Strive to create a solid online profile – Keep in mind that most employers and HR managers use the internet to conduct background research about the applicants that they plan to hire. While you are waiting for that dream job to land up in your lap, use the spare time to build a solid personal profile on the web. This can include updating your social media image, participating in offline and online professional groups and networking with other professionals in your domain. You have to be committed and invest time into creating your own personal brand online. This type of strategy can be useful for you now and even in the future.
  • Follow up on your interviews – A golden rule is to follow up on your interviews. After you have appeared for the interview, you can call up the recruiter and inform him / her about your positive experience from the interaction and end with a thank you. Other than showing you in a positive light, it will help you to stand out from other applicants for the same position. The interviewer is also likelier to remember you for longer. Even if not for that vacancy, he / she might recommend you for a similar position in the future requiring the same experience and skill level as yours.
  • Stay positive – It is important to maintain positivity. You have to accept that the job market is going through a rough patch. However, this hardly means that you should give up looking for the best positions and employers. You have to take important steps to show yourself in the best light to prospective employers. Always remember that you are one of the millions of people facing the same situation. It makes sense to fill up applications and send resumes at least once every day. You have to hone your own job hunting skills.

It is also important to be patient after interviews and stay committed to your efforts. Remember that the job market is extremely competitive today, possibly more now than ever before, and the right job might be waiting for you at the end of hundreds of interviews or just a couple of them. Thus, it makes sense not to underestimate the importance of any of them and put your best foot forward in each of your appearances during each interview.

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Where to Find Great Jobs?

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