Welcome to MotivationWarrior.com!

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Hi! Welcome to my new website MotivationWarrior.com. Here on MotivationWarrior I am trying to create a community that helps each other and inspires anyone to take the most out of life.

But first let me introduce myself! Hi, i’m Bjorn and i’m from the Netherlands. I always found it gratifying to help people and even coached rowing a few years to help people become great at the sport. After my years of coaching I kinda lost the feeling as my life got busy, due to work. However something kept tingling inside and after a year I finally knew what I wanted to do. I wanted to help people again.

This gave me the idea to start MotivationWarrior.  I believe I will be able to reach a great amount of people and help them in the four subjects: Business, Fitness, Motivation and Life. I believe one can find true hapiness in all of these subjects and I hope I can help you find yours! As this website is still under construction you will probably find some mistakes here and there, and please forgive me for that. I’m building MotivationWarrior in the evening and weekends after work, so it is possible that it will not refresh daily. My hope is that I will inspire enough people to start a community that helps each other  and brings joy anyone who might need a helping hand.

As MotivationWarrior is not limited to one subject, I can reach a lot of people! Which on the one hand makes it awesome that I can help so many people with so many questions. But it also has a downside. It costs alot of work to create content for everyone. But that is where you guys can come in! You guys can help me make a difference for someone else, like maybe I or someone else helped you. So let’s do this together!

Once again, welcome to MotivationWarrior! Subscribe to our newsletter to follow the process of building the website and new articles. I wish you all the best and hope to see you around alot so we can discuss on our forum.

Speak to you soon!



Creator of MotivationWarrior.com! I always have been trying to help people in anyway possible. This lead to me creating MotivationWarrior.com in the attempt to help as much people as possible!

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Welcome to MotivationWarrior.com!

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