Under armour Short Sleeve T-shirt

Under armour Short Sleeve T-shirt

Under armour Short Sleeve T-shirt

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8.9 /10


  • The tee adresses sweating
  • Silky smooth
  • T-shirt comes in various


  • T-Shirt does not come in more colors
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The Under armour Short Sleeve T-shirt is a new t-shirt designed for workouts and intense activities, and comes in various sizes. It is being billed as the right choice for people who work out outdoors or even indoors, and can keep them cool and comfortable during the entire activity sessions. Read the full review and find out whether it can be a good choice for you as well.


  • The t-shirt is made of super soft and fast-drying fabric, which offers a more natural feel on the skin.
  • The tee comes with anti-odor technology, which helps avoid the growth of microbes that produce odor.
  • The UA Tech fabric can wick moisture easily from the body, and can make the skin dry very fast.
  • The tee has imported polyester in the construction, which ensures no wrinkles on the fabric even after wearing the dress for long hours.
  • There is Fuller cut that makes the tee loose on the body, and allows full comfort for wearers.


  • The tee helps address sweating and moisture-wicking, one of the main issues for every athlete. It is fast-drying and can keep you cool and comfortable even after long hours of use.
  • It comes in an elemental blue color, which is a great color option for most wearers.
  • The fabric has a silky smooth feel on the skin, and stands in sharp contrast to many workout t-shirts today that come with a thin fabric and flimsy design.
  • The t-shirt is wonderful to wear during the summer months, when it is too hot, and the body needs more comfort. The breathable UA Tech fabric is comfortable.
  • The tee comes in various sizes, and you can find one that fits you. It is also available in XL.
  • It comes at a competitive cost, which is something you cannot expect with many workout t shirts.


The t-shirt does not come in more colors, which is obviously a limitation for some buyers.


The t-shirt is very comfortable and convenient, and offers a nice fit to wearers. It can be paired with track pants or shorts and a pair of sneakers. If you need a good tee for workouts that also comes at a reasonable price, this can be a decent option for you to consider. With anti-odor technology, wrinkle-free construction and fast-drying fabric, this tee stands as a good choice.

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Under armour Short Sleeve T-shirt

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