Top 5 Job Search Websites to Find New Jobs

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Top 5 Websites to Find New Jobs - medium

Looking for a job has become easier today, thanks to the numerous job-hunting sites existing on the internet. If you are interested in finding high quality jobs in the USA, you need to register with the best websites that act as a doorway to the best employment in the country. Read and know about the top 5 US-based employment websites, as well as a Bonus job search website to get the best employment in the USA.

1. Google for Jobs

Google for Jobs - Medium

This is a job search engine from Google and compiles job listings from varied sources, which include other job seeking engines. Rather than using a particular job hunting website, you can get related job listings from other job search sites. All that you have to do is type a job into the search bar of Google for Jobs, to have Google show associated listings. Then, you can narrow down your search through job type, company type, location, date of job posting etc.


  • It comes with the power of Google, the topmost online search engine company at present.
  • The website consists of sophisticated Google tools that let job hunters get vacancies that match their employment preferences closely. You can find jobs more easily that can match your needs.
  • You can directly search for positions and apply for them from the Google for Jobs search box. You have the chance to narrow down your search with keywords about type of job – whether part time or full time, type of company, employer type and more.
  • It is possible to save quite a few steps during job hunting, given that as per a TechCrunch report job websites and job search engines such as Monster, CareerBuilder, Facebook, Glassdoor, and Linkedin have entered into partnerships with Google. Google for Jobs pulls up employment listings from all these important job sites.


The job search engine does not draw job postings from the top job site

What Should You Look Out For?

The website lets you narrow down your search as per location, salary information etc. Even if a job description does not contain salary details, information about average salary for that type of job will be shown – drawn from data compiled by job sites such as LinkedIn and Glassdoor.

What Should You Think of While Applying?

Before applying, you should refine job results and personalize the listings to make them more relevant with the help of filters for various posters such as date of posting, location, job title, industry etc.

You can choose from a wide range of jobs, and easily access them. When you generate job lists, it is possible to click and directly apply for individual jobs through some other job board or company website.

2. Monster

Monster Jobs - Medium

This is a hugely popular job site with millions of users, and includes many job listings. You can post your own resume, network with employers over the job board and use the search alert service to obtain targeted posts through email. The jobs listed on the website include local as well as international jobs. Other than job hunting, you can obtain salary details, company information and career advice.


  • The job site includes separate sections for employees as well as employers. It also consists of a feature to let you post employment listings on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.
  • The website lets you search for jobs using job title, location, skills and more. As a registered user, you can get details through email about fresh listings that can satisfy your search criteria.
  • This job seeking website consists of various specialized searches such as hourly jobs, healthcare and finance.
  • The job site consists of various career advice resources that consist of relocation resources, networking advice, resume tips, job search guidance and salary details.
  • The Career Management tools of Monster allow you to find, explore and compare jobs. You can research professions with Career Snapshots, use Career Mapping to explore job paths and use Career Benchmarking for career comparison.


The job listings are restricted only to the website, and are not drawn from multiple sites.

What Should You Look Out For?

Keep in mind that Monster has BeKnown, a Facebook app that lets you search as well as apply for positions directly from Facebook. If you wish to keep your own Facebook details private, make use of the private option in the app.

If you are a fresh graduate and wish to find employment, make use of MonsterCollege to locate university postings, company placements, recruiting fairs etc.

What Should You Think of While Applying?

Remember that consists of career advice for recent graduates and college students, social community, internship listings and entry level job listings. You should check these out before seeking employment.

Do not treat the job site only for uploading your resume and finding job listings. The website offers you a solid search alert service and networking board to find targeted posts through email.

3. LinkedIn

Linkedin for jobs - Medium

This is a top social networking website that lets you use an extended professional network to look for jobs. It lets you join job seeker groups, take part in conversations and follow the organizations that you find relevant and attractive for your job search. It includes two primary membership tiers – Premium and Basic.


  • This web based directory has millions of users from over 200 nations across the globe, which even includes Fortune 500 company executives. You can get a wider base for job search.
  • LinkedIn offers a solid platform for professional networking, job searching and connecting. The website is used for recruitment, but you can cut the boredom by connecting with family members, friends and co-workers.
  • The platform highlights your USP, and why hiring managers should recruit you. You can log into LinkedIn and create a contacts network, including those that you are connected to based on education, profession and common interest.
  • With the Basic membership, you can use profile creation, messaging etc and apply for jobs with a free account. The Premium membership lets you use various subcategories, such as “Business Plus”, “Recruiter Lite”, “Sales Navigator” and “Job Seeker”. You can get extra resources and features to widen your own online presence, and make the most of the service.


Although the website gives you a wide platform to find jobs, you can get listings only from LinkedIn and not any other job site on the web.

What Should You Look Out For?

Include relevant keywords for your industry or job type, and type in keywords that list your skills, earlier job titles, interests, experience, skills etc, which would make you stand out from other job seekers.

You should also look at the LinkedIn endorsements, which show your expertise. The website allows you to add various types of visual content, including videos, slideshow or portfolio. This will help you to attract various other connections and opportunities.

What Should You Think of While Applying?

It allows targeted searches including advanced company finder or advanced people to widen the scope and exactly find the things you are in search of. The advanced search feature can be used by no. of employees, alumni status, industry, location etc. You should use this advanced search option.

You should use the LinkedIn Mobile option consists of viewing and searching of profiles, accessing actionable updates to the network and LinkedIn answers, inviting latest connections and more.

4. Glassdoor

Glassdoor for Jobs - Medium

Glassdoor is one of the best job search websites with a huge database that allows you to look at company reviews — submitted by workers themselves. It offers insights to job hunters into the benefits, salaries, interview processes and working conditions in companies. The database lets companies market their jobs and workers find job candidates.


  • The site consists of company reviews by current as well as former employees, content providers, competitors, CEO approval ratings, salaries, company details, ratings etc. You can get reviews in real-time and actual interview queries for particular companies and jobs that are posted by real workers.
  • It is possible to get an inside view of the companies that you wish to find employment, including the satisfaction level of workers, the amount they are earning, real interview questions and more.
  • For any job title, you can compare local salaries with the average national salary, review interview questions from different companies and more.
  • Even without registering, it is possible to preview basic details. However, registration is required for browsing the salaries and reviews, participating in discussions and more.


Accessing information about job type, salaries, experience etc on the website can be slightly difficult for first-time users.

What Should You Look Out For?

The section Interview Questions and Reviews in Glassdoor is worth looking at, as it offers a treasure trove of information to job hunters. You can get proper insight into how difficult the interviews were.

The website offers a wide variety of details about job specific interviews, company interviews and more, which include Q&A, interview ratings, insight into interview, the duration for getting a job offer and more. You should check these out, and not just limit yourself to looking at job listings.

What Should You Think of While Applying?

While using the website, you should check the Interview Outcome, Interview Process, Interview Ratings etc and how candidates get an interview – through calls from recruiter, online application, employee referral etc. You can get authentic reviews and insight from actual readers about what a regular day in the company office would be like. You can also post your own reviews for your present or former company. You should check whether the applicant was capable of negotiating the offer, the advice that they would offer to job seekers in the same organization.

5. CareerBuilder

CareerBuilder for Jobs - Medium

This is one of the biggest job boards that offer career advice, resume posting, job listings and various other resources to employment hunters. The platform lets you directly get employment listings from various workers and expand your local job listings through partnerships with as many as 140 newspapers.


The website is present in over 60 markets in Asia, South America, U.S, Canada and Europe. Every month, it is used by 24 million employment hunters to get career tips and find new employment.

It lets you post your own resume and get employment listings that can satisfy your criteria.

You can use CareerBuilder to make searches by job category, company, industry, zip code, state, city etc.


The job board does not accept any scanned documents or images.

What Should You Look Out For?

It is important for you to narrow your search down by listed date, employment type, salary range, degree type etc with the advanced search option feature.

It is wise to keep away specific companies, keywords and employment titles that are not interesting for you. You can set up job alerts to get email notifications of only those jobs that satisfy your criteria.

What Should You Think of While Applying?

The site consists of many tools such as career descriptions and salary calculators. You can save cover letters, jobs and resume in your own account. You should also check the academic information about how to safeguard yourself from internet scams and fraudsters.

It is possible to post as many as 3 varied cover letters and resumes, and directly apply for jobs online. There is the option to choose various career domains that catch your interest, so that workers can directly get in touch with you.

Bonus Website – is another great website that is especially useful for people who need state government jobs. The job board gathers job listings from various state agencies and company sites. Those who are looking for employment can use the database to get vacancies from employers across the U.S.

The job board is born out of a partnership between the National Association of State Workforce Agencies (NASWA) and the Direct Employers Association. It can connect job hunters directly with employers. You can also get oncoming career events schedule in-person and a Veteran’s Job Bank.


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Top 5 Job Search Websites to Find New Jobs

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