Top 5 most watched training motivation videos on youtube

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Here you find the top 5 best most watched training motivation videos on youtube. After this you will certainly release your inner warrior!

1. Creed – Motivation Training

Amazing motivation video that is inspired on the movie Creed. Inspired by Rocky, which is one of the most inspiring movies for training!

2. Best Training Motivation 2017

A compilation of trained athletes, that gives you the motivation to workout towards looking like them! With an impressive beat under the video it will surely get you fired up for your next session!

3. NO EXCUSES – Best Workout Motivation Video 2017

The titel already says it. There is no excuse not to train! You only become big and strong if you keep yourself to a strict schedule! This video shows alot of Crossfit atheles destroying their obstacles!

4. Calum von Moger – Beast Workout Motivation

This motivation shows Calum von Moger in action. One of the better looking physiques since Arnold Schwarzenegger. With a nice beat under the video it shows that there is no substitute for hard work!

5. Arnold Schwarzenegger Bodybuilding Training – No Pain No Gain 2013

What would this list be without the legendary Arnold Schwarzenegger! This video shows Arnold during his prime, which can only get you more motivated to do your next training session!

This was the list of most viewed training motivation videos on youtube! I hope you enjoyed the list and even more, I hope you are pumped up for your next training session!


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Top 5 most watched training motivation videos on youtube

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