Lock Laces (Elastic No Tie Shoelaces)

Elastic no tie laces

Elastic no tie laces

Overall Rating

9.3 /10


  • Installed very easily
  • Plastic clip to secure ends
  • Laces are waterproof!


  • Not suitable for people with bigger feet
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Lock Laces product review

Lock Laces are authentic elastic no tie laces of patented variety, and can be the best substitute for shoelaces. These ensure that there is no coming off of shoelaces, and are designed to offer comfort, support and flexibility to the feet and keep them comfy every day. Read the full review and find out why these no-tie elastic laces are so popular.


  • These come with a no-tie lacing system that can provide the feet with a tailored fit. You can even wear your laced tennis shoes like slip-on sneakers.
  • The stretch fit comfort offers extra compression that can reduce the pressure points on the shoe and improve comfort for the feet.
  • This is a one-size-fits-all lace that is perfect for grown-ups as well as kids. You can use each pair to lace up a pair of shoes.
  • The laces can be ideal for runners, autistic kids, disabled people, and arthritic and even for regular users.
  • The laces come with video and convenient setup instructions included.


  • It can be installed very easily, and the instructions provided along with them can make the setup very convenient. Putting these on is just like any regular lace, which means that there is no learning curve involved in using them.
  • A plastic clip is offered to secure the cut ends, so that there is no fraying. The laces do not bounce or flop around, which makes them perfect for racing or running.
  • The lock keeps the laces properly tensed, and the elastic laces can prevent the heel from being damaged. The tension can be adjusted easily, and loosened up to let the feet breathe after races.
  • These laces are waterproof, and can easily resist damage from water while running in the rain or on moist, wet surfaces.
  • The laces are durable in form, and can last for a long time.


For people with bigger foot, the laces do not really stay tight. Adjustments are necessary.

Parting Shot

These are one of the best elastic laces, and come with a fastening system that can easily be adjusted and have a better construction. Whether you are a child or a grown-up, an athlete or a casual user, you will love to use these laces. As these are durable, you can keep on using them for months and even years. Go for the elastic no tie laces. You will not be disappointed.

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Lock Laces (Elastic No Tie Shoelaces)

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