Go2 Compression Socks Review

Go2 Compression Socks

Go2 Compression Socks

Overall Rating

8.3 /10


  • Proper blood flow
  • Can be used for variety of sports
  • Can be washed in the machine


  • Can be quite tight
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Go2 Compression Socks product review

If you are looking for HG compression to offer warm comfort to your legs and feet, and keep them rejuvenated without impeding the blood flow, the Go2 Compression Socks can be a good option for you. Read the full review and find out how these socks fare.


  • The Go2 Compression Socks offer HG 20–30 mm compression, and offer perfect support to athletes and nurses.
  • These are available in numerous designs and colors, and can be perfect for men as well as women. There are 17 patterns and colors, and offer various options to choose from.
  • The Go2 Compression Socks are also available in different sizes – Small, Large, Medium and Extra large.
  • These are made of blended nylon fabric along with silver infusion, which helps it to combat moisture, odor and bacteria – allowing optimal comfort.
  • Made of spandex, nylon, lycra and drystat fabric components, the socks can be washed in machines and dried normally.
  • The Go2 Compression Socks improve blood circulation and reduce inflammation in the legs.
  • These are anti-odor and anti-bacterial in form, and there are no smells.


  • You can find the Go2 Compression Socks with a size chart that can be quite useful for you. These fit according to expectations.
  • These socks offer proper blood flow and circulation around the feet and legs, which ensures no numbness, and offer graduated compression with 20 – 30 mm Hg rating.
  • You can wear the socks for performing various types of sports activities. It can be useful to keep them on even while you are sleeping.
  • These can be washed in machine, which means no worries to tidy them up.
  • Made of nylon fabric, the compression socks can combat moisture, odor and bacteria to provide users with optimal comfort.
  • The Go2 Compression Socks come with wonderful design, vibrant colors and nice function. As these are available in various patterns and colors, the socks can be matched with any sporting apparel.


It can be slightly tight to get on the socks. However, once you put them on, you will not feel the tightness.


It can be a good idea to go for these compression socks that fit both men and women, and come in various sizes, colors and patterns to offer support. Available with graduated compression, the socks are perfect for muscle recovery and can be worn all through the day for optimal comfort and fast recovery.

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Go2 Compression Socks Review

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