Fit Simplify Resistance Loop Review

Fit Simplify Resistance Loop

Sale: $10.97 (normal: $49.97)
Fit Simplify Resistance Loop

Overall Rating

9.6 /10


  • High-grade latex
  • Easier and soft on the skin
  • Low cost


  • Might look flimsy
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Fit Simplify Resistance Loop product review

Resistance bands are excellent pieces to wear, as these can improve workouts of any form. You can use these bands in any way, whether it comes to Yoga, CrossFit, strength training, cardio or any other similar activity. Fit Simplify Resistance Loop bands are a new entrant in the market, and can be used for exercises as well as rehab, pregnant women or physical therapy. Read the full review and find out how these work.


  • The set comprises of 5 bands in total. Each of these have a varied resistance level, and it can be switched up at any time you need.
  • The 12 by 2 inch bands are devoid of artificial TPE and are available in 5 different levels of resistance. These are perfect for exercises of various intensities, whether it comes to medium, extra heavy, heavy or any other type.
  • These are heavy duty resistance bands that are fully made out of latex. These are tested rigorously to find out whether the bands are resistant to stretch snap and sweat even after being used over and over again.
  • The bands are perfect for physical therapy, weight loss, body shaping, injury rehabilitation and fitness. These can be used together or separately, for building a resistance as much as 74 pounds.
  • These are offered with an extremely practical instruction booklet that shows workouts that target various muscles and can be used with the bands.
  • A carry bag is included with the package, which makes it convenient for you to carry the bands to anywhere you want.


  • As these are composed of high-grade latex, these are stronger. These do not wear out easily and can stretch longer.
  • These bands are easier and softer on the skin. Even when used regularly, you will not feel uncomfortable while using them.
  • You can use the Resistance Loop well, separately or even together. These are ideal to use in the gym or even at home.
  • The bands come at a low cost, and the affordability makes it perfect for customers.


The bands might look slightly flimsy in appearance.

Final Word

The bands are great to use and are ideal for beginners. Although the maximum resistance is a little limited at just 74 pounds, these stand as great options for even advanced sporting activities for athletes. These can be used for band workouts for beginners and come at a low budget.

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Fit Simplify Resistance Loop Review

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