Calculate your Love – How Do Love Calculators Work?

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Love Calculator apps are one of the newest crazes. This is a sophisticated and new-age tool that can help you to test your love compatibility. It is very useful for teens as well as middle aged users. These software tools, as compared to earlier days when birth scriptures, horoscope matches and palm reading techniques were used, can help you to make faster and easier testing of love matching. This type of software is programmed to offer results depending on a few factors, generally shown as love percentage. These tools generally include ages, names and/or DOB of lovers, while some can use psychological aspects for information analysis. Find out how these work, and the top 3 love calculators to work with.

How Does the Love Calculator Work?

Love Calculator

This is a software app that analyzes love with the help of an online meter. It just calculates compatibility percentage between lovers. It also helps test love between yourself and your dream mate, and to get results that could unearth quite a few secrets that you might be unaware of.

These apps work with the help of the internet, and are used for calculating love based on various factors. You can type in your own name as well as the name of your sweetheart. Once this is done, you have to click over the calculate button. In seconds, you can get the results. It is important to remember that the results can be slightly disappointing, and should not be taken very seriously. It is meant just for entertainment purposes, and it is best that you laugh about the results. These apps let you calculate for numerous times and offer surprising results.

When you are using a love calculator, there is no need to know secret details about your crush or about the zodiac signs. These apps typically use names, age, date of birth and other common factors, for determining the level of success.

How Does Love Calculator Test Compatibility of Relationship?

These apps are useful for people who like to test compatibility, or wish to know whether your relationship with your special one will have a future. Love calculators can help you to determine whether your partner is a good match for you, and help you to deal with all your worries.

While planning to enter into a romantic relationship, it is extremely essential for some people to know whether they are compatible with their sweetheart. Knowing that you are similar in various aspects can be a great way to begin a relationship with a person. You can share more about each other and have more pleasure in enjoying every moment with your loved one.

There are different ways to test compatibility, and love calculator is a popular method. Love compatibility is very useful for many people who like to seek hints about whether or not they are compatible with their romantic interest. However, it is important to keep in mind that love calculator should not be the only tool to depend on for testing compatibility. Various other factors should also be considered.

Know how love calculator apps can assist you in understanding whether you can enjoy a good, secure relationship with your romantic partner or someone you have a crush on.

Knowing the compatibility

It is well known that love calculator apps act as a guide and calculate love compatibility. When you know about the chances of relationship with a romantic interest for the long term, you can avoid hasty and erroneous decisions that you can end up regretting at a later period.

Why not do a quick test…?

Having a deeper understanding of his/her personality

At times, these apps make use of astrology for calculating your compatibility score. You can get a better insight into the personality and character of an individual you love, as well as that of your own. Knowledge of these qualities and virtues can provide you with an idea about the chances and future of your relationship.

Getting worthwhile advice

Love calculator can offer you advices and guidance, based on the results that you get. The suggestions can guide you about the aspects that you should work on. This will let you have better understanding about love compatibility, and how successful your relationship is likely to be.

Understanding how far you wish to adjust

These apps can help you to understand how different you are from your sweetheart, and how far you want to adjust. A love test can offer you surprising results and not often what you actually expect. Once you know about your differences with the person, you can take a call on whether you wish to risk taking the relationship ahead in spite of differences.

Getting accurate results about relationship

With love calculator, you can get more or less accurate results to understand whether your relationship will be successful in the long term. You can be assured of the results. If you wish to make your bond work, both you and your lover should understand the needs of each other and put your best foot forward to do your best. These apps let you know that any romantic relationship works only on efforts from both partners.

Top 3 Love Calculators – Reviews

Find out about 3 of the best love calculator apps that are compatible with Android OS, and can be availed easily on the Google Play Store.

Love Calculator by MobilPlug

The app tells you whether you are actually in love. Whether you wish to find your soul mate / partner, are looking for true love, or wish to test whether you have found the best match in your crush, the love test calculator can be useful for you. True, permanent love is based on mutual respect, trust and happiness. The app can offer you answers to some important questions for you, regarding the kind of relationship that you have with the special person in your life. It comes from the developer MobilPlug. It is presently in Version 3.3.5, and needs Android OS 4.0.3 and higher.


This amazing love calculator software offers 3 options for testing love compatibility. You can get the best results by using the birth date, names and fingerprints of yourself and your sweetheart. The app is also astrologically relevant. It uses zodiac signs to tell you whether your stars are aligned and love is compatible from that perspective as well.

The app works as a love meter, and you have to type in your date of birth and name, and scan your own fingerprint as well as that of your lover. You have to answer a few questions on love match to get surprising answers that you might not have imagined.

Other than determining your love compatibility, the app can let you create pretty love cards – complete with emoji – and send them to your sweetheart for displaying your love to him or her.

The app is fun to use and check whether or not the special one is really the one for you. You can share your love compatibility results from the calculator on the social network with your girlfriend / boyfriend or partner.


The app is easy to download and install, and you can use it without any difficulty. It is possible to use it even without any technical expertise.

The app has a game-like feel, and is interesting to use.

Using the love meter can help you to find all that is common between you and your partner, and begin to like him / her more.

The love test app has become a huge hit, with 10,000,000 – 50,000,000 installations at the time of writing.


First-time app users can find it slightly confusing.

While opening it, the app might crash in some cases.


The compatibility meter is pretty accurate, and throws some interesting data. However, the results are not to be taken too seriously. Treat it more like fun.

Download the MobilPlug Love Calculator

Real Love Test Calculator

Real Love Test Calculator

The app is able to test love from various perspectives and offers the best information. It can let you match your names, fingerprints, date of births, lucky numbers and photos. The app has been installed 5,000,000 – 10,000,000 times at the time of writing. It is presently in Version 3.0, and needs Android version 4.0.3 and more. It comes from Marigold Studio, and is rated to be used by those aged 3 years and above.


The app offers 3 types of options – couple compatibility, love meter and love calculator.

You can test couple match by Name, Photo, Date of Birth, Number and Fingerprint.

It is possible to scan the photograph of yourself and your lover, and display the love percentage.

You can scan the thumb prints of the two of you and determine the love score.

It can be used to match horoscopes, and get details about whether your relationship with your beloved has a future.


The love test calculator uses advanced technology and scientific technique to show compatibility, and explain the results with scientific reasons. It can be used to play love game with sweetheart or play a prank on him or her.

Other than letting you determine love compatibility, the app allows you to test whether your relationship with your best friend is 100% true.

As the app bases its results on scientific techniques, it is more reliable for users. However, it is better to use it more as fun given that matters of the heart cannot be completely predicted and opposites attract each other.


As the app mainly uses scientific techniques of compatibility, you can even put in the names of random people and get high compatibility scores.

Visit the link for download

Your Love Test Calculator

Your Love calculator

The app is offered by the developer Inspired Art, and is presently in Version 1.10. It needs Android OS 2.3 and more. It has been installed 1,000,000 – 5,000,000 times. The app is rated to be used by those aged 3 years or more.


The love calculator app tests the strength of love relationships with the aid of numerical algorithms.

You are supposed to type in your name as well as that of your sweetheart. The app will immediately display results on the screen, and exhibit your love percentage and affinity.

You can use the test results to determine whether your girlfriend or boyfriend is the best match for you. The app lets you test your love compatibility and check the percentage.


The app makes use of numerical algorithm from names for analyzing love, and you can be assured that the compatibility results are reliable at least from the numerological perspective.

It has a cool interface, making everything easy to understand for users. It can be downloaded, set up and used with no hassles.

In its present version, the app comes with improved algorithm and fixes for bugs that had been reported in the earlier versions.


The software is not feature-rich, and does not allow you to test compatibility based on other factors such as fingerprint, photos or zodiac signs.


The app might not be the greatest love compatibility detectors around, but is neat in appearance and is easy in usage. It can offer results to you pretty fast.

Visit the link for download

How Accurate are Love Calculators?

Compatibility tests have some truth in them, and these can be applicable for you. You can benefit from a calculation of love percentage, and have a better look at the character and profile of another individual. With online love calculator apps, there is the advantage that you can have a more logical view of the person. You can find out whether your dating will end up in the church or in a hotel room, and have a better perspective.

Even if you do not actually trust the results offered by these apps, you can simply use them for fun. Most people use them for entertainment and it is better that you keep them that way if you are doubtful about the seriousness of using love calculator software apps.


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Calculate your Love – How Do Love Calculators Work?

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