A-Swift Compression Socks Review


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  2. Erika Resser says:

    OK, my well meaning daughter decided to buy these for me for Mother’s Day. I have large feet EEEEE with high instep and heavy calves. I watch every darn video on putting these socks on. Not a darn one shows anyone my size doing it. All have narrow feet and skinny calves. Pulling it inside out from heel does not work as the opening is too narrow for the front of my foot. The only video I saw that might work was with a machine holding the sock wide open while you put your foot in. I AM NOT going to buy a machine just for these socks. I have no leg issues other than being large footed and calved. I have no leg pain just a pain in the ass daughter. So if you have any suggestions for using these, please advise. Otherwise they are headed for Goodwill.

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A-Swift Compression Socks Review

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