5 easy ways to lose weight

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Just like everyone you want to lose weight quick and easy. Well I got good news for you! It is not hard to start losing weight immediately. Here are 5 easy ways to lose weight!

1. Drink water

Everything we drink these days contains some calories, approximately 100 calories in each serving. By swapping out all forms of beverages you can start losing weight as water contains zero calories.

Not only does water not contain calories, it is essential for the body to remove excess water weight and helps boost your metabolism.

2. Eat vegetables

Every meal comes with carbs. Simple carbs such as (white) rice, pasta’s and sandwiches, will digest very quickly increasing your urge to eat more, according to Jana Klauer, M.D.

Instead we should eat more vegetables. Why, you ask? Well, because of the simple reason that vegetables contain complex carbs. Complex carbs are harder for the body to digest, and thus costing more energy. This will then result in losing weight.

3. Do regular cardio

Woking out always seems like a great idea! Not only will this help you lose weight, by burning of more calories will working out, it will also increase your base metabolism. This will help you to lose weight, even when you are doing nothing!

4. Drink Coffee

I know, I know, I just said not to drink anything else but water. Coffee however is the only exception to this rule. The caffeine that is present in coffee will help you lose weight. The caffeine will supress the hunger and even increase the amount of calories burned by a bit.

Now don’t go drinking enormous of coffee and hope you lose weight. Just a few cups of coffee will do.

5. Sacrifice your snacks

Now this might be the hardest one. Nobody wants to give up those tasty chips when we are watching netflix. However, snacking is one of the biggest contributors to having those extra few pounds.

Now it is not necessary to cut down on all snacks. If you snack, try and snack something healthy, like an apple or a banana. This will still allow you to snack something during those long netflix sessions and help to lose weight.

I hope you enjoyed this short list on how to lose weight in 5 easy ways. If you are interested in more articles regarding to weight, please look around on motivationwarrior.com.


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5 easy ways to lose weight

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