3 easy ways to earn a passive income with blogging

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passive income with blogging

Either people think it is hard to earn money online or they think they will earn $100.000 such as Pat Flynn without having to work for it. Now both are not try in my opinion. It is not hard to start earning money online, through thinks like blogs, eCommerce or eBooks . Check out our 10 best ways to earn passive income article if you want to learn more ways to increase your income.

Now that being said, blogging will cost you time in the beginning. This however should not be a problem as you always start to blog about you are passionate about. Think of a topic that gets you excited and you can’t stop talking about. If you do this, you don’t mind writing articles about it and then it really doesn’t matter if it will cost you some more time upfront.

In this article I will describe the 3 easy ways for a passive income. This does not mean it will cost no time and effort. They are just easy to implement and to make a solid passive income from.  But before we start with the list, there are some things to consider.


Before you start your blog, it is important to think out the strategy of your blog. What I mean with thinking out your strategy is, how do you want to maintain your blog so that you can earn a passive income with blogging. Now in my opinion there are two main ways of doing this. Both of these strategies start the same. You need to write good and strong articles to start earning a few bucks.

Invest in paid articles

You can invest in paid articles. What this means is that you pay people to write your articles. This will mostly guarantee you high quality and unique articles. This however will cost you money and in the start time to find the right content writes for you. The major benefit is that you truly earn a passive income by blogging, by not blogging yourself.

Create a community

The second strategy is that you have a community that will write articles for you. This means you have a loyal following and a topic that people find interesting enough to invest their time in, usually for free. This strategy is my personal favorite, as it will create a blog that maintains itself and will generate lots and lots of traffic, as your community will keep coming back. This strategy however is not for every blog.

If you want to learn more on blogging strategies & on tips how to implement them. You can keep reading them, here.

Upfront work

 Just like anything in life, creating a passive income with blogging will cost you an upfront investment. Now for blogging this is mostly a time investment, as you can start with very low costs. You can read more on great hosting services in our article, 10 best hosting services for wordpress. (link)

Now let’s determine what is necessary to start earning your passive income.

Enough content

Make sure u have between the 25 and 30 good posts on your blog. This is the golden rule, as good posts build trust, trust builds traffic and traffic generates you income.  You can read our guide on writing great articles (link)

Solid stream of visitors

Try to get a solid stream of organic visitors. It is important that you generate a solid stream of organic visitors, as this will influence your reach. The more reach you have, the more people you can attract, the more money you can earn.

Get indexed

Make sure you are indexed by google. You can follow our guide (link) to setup your blog in Google webmasters (link), so that you can get indexed.

Get social!

Make sure you have your social media in place. Social media is very important these days in getting traffic.  Make sure you share your new posts with at least Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

Now that all the basics are out of the way, we can start talking about how you can start making a passive income with blogging!

1. Google Adsense

Probably the most known way of earning money, and for a very good reason! It is easily implemented and very easy in use. This is by far the fastest and easiest way for bloggers to start earning a passive income with their blog.

Google AdSense (link) comes with a few huge benefits.

  • Google AdSense is free.
  • You don’t have to sell anything yourself. All you need to do is getting visitors to your blog!
  • Google AdSense automatically publishes the right ad for your visitors.
  • You can make the ads feel integrated in your website, due to the high customization possible in AdSense.

In our article “Beginner’s Guide to Google AdSense” you can find more detail on how to implement it and get some nice tricks.

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2. Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is the best thing after using Google AdSense. The cool thing about affiliate marketing is that you can start earning money from the get-go. The moment you write an article in which a product is featured, you can join a affiliate program that will give you part of the revenue if you help create a order for that specific product.

There are a few major benefits of Affiliate marketing

  • No need for own products
  • Not responsible for the customer
  • You can use trending products to boost your sales

If you want to learn more about Affiliate marketing, I would suggest you read our “Beginners guide to affiliate marketing”.

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3. Sell your own products

It is always a great idea to start selling your own products. Now this does come with a risk if you need to have a stock. Thankfully, there are a lot of products you can create without having to build up a stock, as they can all be digital! Not only will this give you more income, it will also help you get recognition as someone who knows they’re stuff.  Now the best thing is to create a product that does not need a stock and even better is something you are already writing a lot of content on. In comes the eBooks. eBooks are one of the best products to sell on your website as they fulfill the above mentioned points.

There are a few rules on this though:

  • Never release a half-baked product. Make sure you eBook actually adds value to your posts on your website. If users feel like they are getting ripped of, they will stop buying your products and will generate a lot of negative publicity.
  • Selling your own product will take time. Create trust with your visitors, by being honest and completely open. You can even start of with free eBooks to get your visitors to start reading your eBooks and seeing the added value.
  • Spread the word of your new eBook. Post it on social media, post it on your own website and you can even use affiliate marketing to sell your product on other websites!

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Bonus for more passive income!

4. Sponsorships

When your blog starts to grow companies start to show interest in sponsoring you. They will offer you deals, so that you show their ads on your blog. Now the bigger you get, the better the deals. This can be a big boost in income, but it comes with a downside. You need to have a large flow of traffic to get into sponsorships. What might be even more of an issue is that you have to spent time convincing companies that you are the right blog for their product.

Now that we are at the end of the list, I hope you enjoyed the post! If you want to learn more on how to build your first blog (link), start with earning passive income and attract traffic (link), make sure to look around on MotivationWarrior.com (link -> business) as there is lots and lots to helpful guides and tutorials.


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3 easy ways to earn a passive income with blogging

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